Thailand and Japan has always been having a better relationship in terms of tourism and trade, as most Japanese spend their holidays in Thailand and vice versa. Despite the long distance, the countries exchange their friendship vows regularly during the holiday seasons which could be examined in the streets of the two nations. The bond is unbreakable which you can understand clearly while seeing the natives interchanging their nations during their vacations.

The Asian nations are always known for a better trade relationship. There are a number of Japanese companies in Thailand, around 7000 Japanese firms are positioned in Thailand which also support the nations in improving their economy. At the same time it is also important to quote that Japan has invested around 300 billion bahts in Thailand to improve the trade. Japan ranks number one among the foreign investors that fund Thailand, as more than half (63%) of the foreign investment is from Japan.

To make the relationship still better, there held a symposium on 22nd of May 2013, where Tourism Authority of Thailand and Japan’s leading travel industry rubbed shoulders to discuss about the facts and features that would strengthen the bond.


The summit was actually conducted to ensure the two-way flow between Thailand and Kyushu city of Japan. More than two hundred travel personals participated in this symposium and shared their ideas to enhance the tourism trade between the countries.

Every year the number of tourists that comes to Kyushu from Thailand keeps on increasing, which is actually more this year than the last year. It is also happy to inform that last year Thailand and Japan celebrated their 125th year of diplomacy bond.